Monday, March 13, 2023

Topical overview of the blog posts

A blog is often meant and taken as something ephemeral. However, I noticed how readers look for bygone posts. To make browsing this blog easier, and since doesn't seem to offer this, I hereby list the topics in this blog. I will keep adding to this categorical list as I add posts to the blog, and you should keep seeing it as "featured post".

Matters of discipline

* Very brief, first post πŸ‘‰
* What is AR? Opening musings on the question ofdefinition πŸ‘‰
* Breakthrough research πŸ‘‰
* Composition
- When Composition is not Research πŸ‘‰ 
- When Composition is not Research2 πŸ‘‰
- When Composition is not Research3 πŸ‘‰
- Scott McLaughlin’s report πŸ‘‰
- UK debate & AEC white paper πŸ‘‰
- Composition as critical practice
• the call πŸ‘‰
• the complete published introduction to the proceedings & a bit on the then (2022) most recent UK Research Excellence Framework πŸ‘‰
* Conducting πŸ‘‰
* Conflating the arts (SHARE) πŸ‘‰
* Countries and their own situations
- Two programs in Salzurg (incl. wider Austria) πŸ‘‰ 
- The Case of Germany πŸ‘‰
- Brazil πŸ‘‰
- The Netherlands (and the Professional Doctorate) πŸ‘‰
- UK
• REF 2014 πŸ‘‰
• REF 2022 πŸ‘‰
Embodied knowledge and the Frascati Manual
- A move to put our mark on the Frascati Manual πŸ‘‰
- A move to put our mark on the Frascati Manual² πŸ‘‰
- The novelty test and the reproducibility criterion πŸ‘‰
- expertise-specific conferences πŸ‘‰
- collaborative Bach project πŸ‘‰
- particularities of expertise πŸ‘‰ 
* Florence Principles πŸ‘‰
* 1st honorary doctorate in AR πŸ‘‰
* Non-Western music πŸ‘‰
* Novelty test & reproducibility criterion πŸ‘‰
* Play or perish? πŸ‘‰
* The Professional Doctorate πŸ‘‰ & πŸ‘‰ 
* Titles: importance, status, usage
- the sarcastic post πŸ‘‰
- some more in connection with the Professional Doctorate πŸ‘‰  
* The Professional Doctorate πŸ‘‰ & πŸ‘‰ 


* AR at the Master level πŸ‘‰
* Non-Western music πŸ‘‰
* Play or perish? πŸ‘‰
* The Professional Doctorate πŸ‘‰ & πŸ‘‰

For students

* AR vs. collaborating with a musicologist πŸ‘‰
* Context πŸ‘‰
* The defence of my dissertation at Leiden University, with some history and details of the protocol πŸ‘‰ 
* Language πŸ‘‰
* Presentation
- Wagenaar's art πŸ‘‰
- PechaKucha πŸ‘‰ 
* Play or perish? πŸ‘‰
* The Research Catalogue, the Journal for Artistic Research, and the Society for Artistic Research
- ARC, JAR, SAR πŸ‘‰
- Have you created your first weave yet? πŸ‘‰
* Writing
- dissemination success, incl. some statistics πŸ‘‰
- Writing about contemporary artists πŸ‘‰
- CD booklets πŸ‘‰

Projects & People

* Daniel Aune & Dagmar GlΓΌxam's Bach πŸ‘‰
* Tom Beghin’s Beethoven Broadwood project πŸ‘‰
* Paul Craenen’s PhD πŸ‘‰
* Peter Dejans’ honorary doctorate πŸ‘‰
* Alain Franco’s WTK project πŸ‘‰
* Michael Picknett’s Devised Music πŸ‘‰
* Lauren Redhead πŸ‘‰
* Hans Roels πŸ‘‰
* Jaso Sasaki πŸ‘‰
* Anna Scott & Valentin Gloor: “when Brahms met Debussy” πŸ‘‰
* Mareli Stolp - Reflexivity πŸ‘‰
* Willem Albert Wagenaar πŸ‘‰
* Lena Weman’s Studio Acusticum Organ project πŸ‘‰
* Jed Wentz’ PhD πŸ‘‰


the Journal for Artistic Research and the Society for Artistic Research πŸ‘‰
Practice-Research-Unit πŸ‘‰
* SHARE πŸ‘‰
Scottish Journal of Performance πŸ‘‰


ORCiM research festival (Belgium) 2010 πŸ‘‰
Excellence in Research conference (Belgium) 2010 incl. on peer review and the link to things economical πŸ‘‰
Academy for Music and Theory (Belgium) 2011 πŸ‘‰
ORCiM seminar on Artistic Experimentation (Belgium) 2011 πŸ‘‰
Practice-Research-Unit conference (UK) 2011 πŸ‘‰
Oslo symposium The Art of Artistic Research 2011 πŸ‘‰
From Output to Impact conference (Belgium) 2014 πŸ‘‰ 
- call πŸ‘‰
- program πŸ‘‰
- proceedings πŸ‘‰
“Can Composition and Performance be Research?” (UK) 2015 
- anouncement πŸ‘‰ 
- Scott LcLaughlin’s report πŸ‘‰ 
Conference on conducting by the Oxford Conducting Instituut 2015 πŸ‘‰
“Composition as critical practice” (Belgium) 2016 
- call πŸ‘‰ 
- proceedings, incl. complete published introductory essay, & a bit on the then most recent UK Research Excellence Framework πŸ‘‰
Writing about contemporary artists conference (UK) 2017 πŸ‘‰
‘Hands on’ piano conference (Portugal) 2018 πŸ‘‰
Sound Arguments workshops (Belgium) 2023 πŸ‘‰


2013 πŸ‘‰
2014 πŸ‘‰
2014 πŸ‘‰
2016 πŸ‘‰
2017 New Professorship πŸ‘‰
2022 doctoral positions πŸ‘‰